Discover the Adventure of Snowshoeing

Round House offers snowshoe rentals in Bozeman, MT

Snowshoeing is a wonderful sport for those who love to be outdoors in the winter. Montana is home to a dozen snowshoeing trails that take you through some of the area's most scenic views.

Round House Ski and Sports Center offers children's and adult's snowshoe rentals in Bozeman, MT. Our professionals will fit you with shoes that will work for you. We'll also offer tips on conquering snowshoeing trails.

Contact our ski shop in Bozeman, MT to ask about our snowshoe rentals. Call 406-587-1258 today.

Never been snowshoeing before?

Snowshoeing is something the whole family can do. Before you hit the trails, be sure to consider these tips:

Dress in layers. Wear waterproof boots and clothing that can withstand the cold.

Use your poles! They will make trudging through fresh powder easier and help with balance.

Start easy. Choose a trail with light terrain to start you off. Even avid hikers should start on light trails.

Stop by our local ski shop and get properly fitted for a pair of snowshoes. Our snowshoe rentals are a flat fee of $20/day with poles.