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The bike rentals at Round House Ski and Sports Center are an excellent way to get in some exercise and see Bozeman and the surrounding area. Within a few miles of town are some of the best biking trails in the state. Our summer rental program will allow you to take out a bike and cover more ground that would be possible on foot.

Visit our sporting goods store in Bozeman, MT and ask about bike rentals today. The peak season is from June to September, and bikes are cleaned and serviced during scheduled downtime. Call 406-587-1258 for more information.

So many scenic trails to explore

So many scenic trails to explore

During the summer season, the biking in Bozeman is fantastic. Some of the best national trails are only a few miles from downtown, allowing you to see the area on a nationally recognized trail. A few of the best trails in the area include:

  • The Copper City Trails
  • The Lewis and Clark Bicycle Trail
  • Mystic Lake
  • Leverich Trail
  • South Cottonwood Trail
  • Truman Gulch
  • Bangtail Divide
  • Emerald Lake
  • Hyalite Creek Trail

Whether you live in Bozeman or you’re visiting for the first time, the bike trails will not disappoint.
Ask about bike rentals at our main location in Bozeman, MT today.

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