Get the Best-Fitting Ski Boots for Your Slope Adventures

Talk to our boot fitters in Bozeman, MT today

When skiing in the Rockies, you have to have safe and dependable gear. Your ski boots are arguably the most important component. That's why you should visit the boot fitters at Round House Ski and Sports Center in Bozeman, MT. The experts on our team will help you find custom-fitted ski boots.

Our boot fitters are properly trained. No matter what size or shape of foot you have, we can find boots for you. Our team can fit boots for people with wide, narrow, flat or high-arched feet. Well-fitted boots will keep you comfortable all day on the slopes and help with your balance and turning.

We can also remold your boots at any time. Call us at 406-587-1258 now to learn more about our custom boot fitting process.

Replace your ski boots before you hit the slopes again

Ski boots wear out over time. It's recommended that you get a new pair after 150 or 160 days on the slopes. Come see our expert boot fitters in Bozeman, MT if:

  • Your boot lining feels wet and spongy rather than firm. A worn lining can cause chaffing and irritation.
  • You're having a hard time getting your foot secure in the boot. This can lead to numbness and pain in your pressure points.
  • Your boot shell has become worn and soft. When your boot shell is worn, you have less control over your skies, which could be dangerous.

It's important to have ski boots that fit your foot perfectly. Stop by our ski shop today for a boot fitting.