Nothing's Better Than Freshly Fallen Snow

Rent quality gear from your local ski rental shop in Bozeman, MT

Montana is known for some of the best ski resorts in the country. Before you hit the slopes, make sure you stock up on high-quality ski gear. Round House Ski and Sports Center is a family ski rental shop in downtown Bozeman, MT. We carry skis and equipment for every type of skier.

Centrally located to a handful of top-rated ski resorts, Round House Ski and Sports Center is your go-to spot before hitting your favorite slopes. Check out for affordable ski rentals for everyone in your family.

Top-quality gear for kids and adults

Whether you're a tourist or a Bozeman local, you can find the family ski rentals you need at our center. Instead of renting at the resorts, come to us for:

Convenience- Don't check out skis at every resort. Rent the same pair of skis for your entire trip and take them with you as you slope hop.

Affordability- Renting skis at every resort adds up. We offer daily flat rates that cover all equipment, including poles and boots.

Guarantee- Resorts can run out of equipment. Round House Ski and Sports Center has the high-quality skis and boots you need in your size.